I had 24 hours exactly to go exploring and I wanted to see as much as I could in such a little amount of time. I decided to hit the Grand Canyon first then I would drive up to Page, Arizona and see the Horseshoe Bend. In was a nice summer day sky’s were clear and the drive was very scenic. This was my first time visiting the Grand Canyon and I was beyond excited! As I arrived all of a sudden from no where fog started to cover the canyon. What was going on? I panicked and started to get really sad because I went to look outside at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and this is all I saw….I was heart-broken.

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My friends decided to take a small hike hoping that maybe it would clear up and it did! I’m not going to lie it was actually pretty cool to see the fog slowly fade away from the Grand Canyon. This was my new view and I was thankful for it! Given my time limitation I only went on a small hike that had some GRAND (get it) observation points. The Grand Canyon is full of endless adventures such as horseback ridding, river rafting, and even skydiving. Check out their website to learn about the different options to see the Grand Canyon! 

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Next stop was horseshoe bend and it is about 3 hours away from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The sky was clear again and no sign of fog to ruin our day. The Horse Shoe Bend is a bend in the Colorado River.  It is a very simple hike that is about a 3/4 of mile. Be careful because there is no big sign that welcomes you to this site, it’s off the road a bit that you would never think that such a sight would be located there. The view is amazing and defiantly worth the short hike and it’s FREE!  

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