A year ago I came across this dog sledding company, Continental Divide Dogsled Adventures , in Jackson Wyoming but it was all booked out! So I had to wait a whole year to do this and the wait was worth it. We were not the only ones excited for this ride, the dogs were too. As soon as we got there they were jumping in excitement and hoping to be chosen to mush with us!

You can choose between a full day of dog sledding or a half day. We chose the half day option. You can also save a few bucks if you drive yourself to their lodge (45 minutes outside of Jackson) rather than have them pick you up in town.

When we arrived for our trip our native Alaskan guide, who has been sledding since she was six moths old gave us some basic information on what to expect during our mush. Excitedly we threw on our winter gear and went out to meet the dogs.  On our way back we were taught how to drive the sled and we even had the opportunity to mush by ourselves! The whole trip was unbelievable! This was by far the highlight of my trip to Jackson.



We were truly in a winter wonderland! It had recently snowed so we were worried the visibility was going to be low, but it was a perfect sunny day.  The tips of the Tetons made for the perfect background for our dog sled ride.  I would absolutely recommend adding this to your bucket list!



We loved playing and meeting with all of our 11 Alaskan Huskies! They were so playful, rowdy, and friendly. These dogs are treated with care and trained to be endurance athletes. Billy (owner) makes sure that the well being of his dogs is a top priority. Billy even makes his own dog food brand to ensure they are getting the nutrients that they need.

To book your reservation make sure you book at least a couple weeks in advance. Billy and his team will take care of you and make sure you have a memorable time.




Visa is required for most travelers

If you arrive into Vietnam without a visa you will not be allowed into Vietnam. I would recommend filling out your application at least 6 weeks in advance to make sure you get it in time! We got ours 2 days before we left so we were starting to get concerned we were not going and we gave them 4 weeks to approve it. Here is the link on how to get your visa requested if it is required, Vietnam Embassy.

Dong is the currency

The bills can be confusing at times when you are purchasing thing in a hurry because they all look so similar. Be careful and take the time to count your money until you get the hang of things. Make sure you know the exchange rate of the Dong before going so you can make your budget.

 How to access data

I would highly recommend buying a local carrier SIM’s card upon your arrival. These are often sold at the airport or even local convenience stores for about 15-20 US dollars. We only bought one and we shared it because you don’t really need it on every phone.


You don’t want to get sick while on vacation so I would highly recommend taking all the precautions not to. Before you leave on your trip make sure you have the following vaccinations: flu shot, hepatitis A & B, typhoid, and tetanus. This link provides more information on such vaccinations.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate or walk away and find a better price to buy your souvenirs! Almost everything is up for negotiation but keep in mind to keep it at a fair price. Vietnam has many night and day markets where you will be able to practice your negotiating skills.

 Traffic is crazy

There are so many motorcycles crossing from every direction of the street and you just have to take the leap of faith and start crossing the street! Don’t STOP just keeping going and they will go around you because that is completely normal. Watch some YouTube videos of Vietnam’s traffic so you get a sense of what I’m talking about! I would recommend taking an Uber in the city because it’s a fun experience and is seriously so cheap.