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I still remember the first time I traveled solo like it was yesterday. It was to Chicago for a conference with my sorority. I was anxious of getting lost, missing my connecting flight, or even being mugged. I literally researched everything about my trip because I wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong. These days I usually travel solo and I love it. Travelling solo made all the difference in my life! Saying yes, to traveling solo is hard, but this is why you should say, yes to traveling solo.

You meet new people: I have met people from all over the world along my travels that have become my good friends. At first, I was timid and hardly started a conversation with strangers. We have always been taught “stranger danger”, but not always. Just make sure you do have safe conversations and don’t give too much information within your first encounter.

You become independent: What happens when you realize you forgot an item, missed your subway stop, or have to eat alone? You figure it out because you are on your own. There were times where I wanted someone to take my cute picture, but I had traveled solo, so I asked a random person instead and guess what I survived! I learned how to be independent along my travels and that I have carried on to my personal and professional life.

Rewarding Experience: Most people confuse being alone with being lonely. Just because you travel solo does not mean you’re lonely. It means your open to new and exciting possibilities. I have grown as a person, expanded my knowledge about different cultures, and experienced life out of my comfort zone. So what are you waiting for? Just say yes to traveling solo.



  1. I love your blog! I have traveled alone once, and I really enjoyed it! It was very relaxing and gave me sometime to think. So, great advice.

    I do have a question. How to get such awesome pictures? Are you a “solo” traveler in these pictures?

    I would love for you to be a guest blogger on my blog. I have a travel section on my blog and why not go to you as the expert! Are you up for that? 🙂

    1. I am glad you found this helpful! I usually ask a couple of strangers to make sure the photograph is okay. That way you have several options and hopeful you ask someone with skills. Another way is using a mini tripod for your phone/camera and setting a timer. You can find these tripods on amazon for a couple of bucks. Editing is what makes my photos mine! I mess around with saturation, brightness, shadows, etc.

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