LOCATION: 975 West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

HOURS: Mon-Fri: 7AM to 6PM, Sat & Sun 8AM to 6PM

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My friends and I  went to go check this place out on a Sunday afternoon and we decided it was one our favorite coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

Publik (which means community) gives you the opportunity to do homework, enjoy breakfast/lunch, mooch WiFi, and catch up with friends. The coffee shop has 2 floors which is perfect because, I hate feeling claustrophobic in tiny shops. Let’s talk about the food & coffee because their menu is delicious! Here are 3 favorites feel free to mix & match!

Maple syrup & powder sugar with macchiato


Avocado, salt & pepper with vanilla latte


Cinnamon & sugar on toast with cappuccino


I will be going to Publik again for sure! If there is anything on the menu that is your favorite I would love to hear your recommendation so please leave a comment bellow!

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