LOCATION: 4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97215
HOURS: Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm & Sunday 11am-9:30pm


Portland is known to be a foodie spot because of the variety of food that this delicious city offers. I was recommended Por Que No Tacos by a friend and I highly recommend them to you. Poor Que No has a hipster Mexican vibe to it that makes you feel welcome. When we got there the line was out to the street, but it moved quickly and was worth it.  We had a variety of items of the menu and they were all great!

Tacos on fresh made corn tortillas we had pollo asado, carne asada , carnitas, and al pastor (I was really hungry and forgot to take a picture hence the half taco).


Poor Que Plate includes your choice of meat served with rice and beans and a small salad with guacamole.


House made corn tortillas are included with the Por Que No plate to create your own tacos with.


Michelada is beer with lime juice and worcestershire sauce served in chile and salt rimmed glass. Margarita is made with tequila, fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice, in a rimmed glass.


There are so many items on their menu that it was tough to choose, but I will go back soon to try some more of their food. Here is their website to check out their full menu. Let me know what you think!