Located in the small town of Monroe, UT you will find the Mystic Hot Springs. The water comes out at about 168 degrees Fahrenheit, but as the water flows down the rocks it cools it down to the perfect temperature. I went in the middle of the winter and it was the most relaxing soak I’ve had.

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The 8 bathtubs are the most popular soaking spot at these hot springs (they also have pools). The bathtubs at first look dirty but they are cleaned every week. To soak there is a cost of 15 dollars per day. I would highly recommend paying the price to soak, because it’s a unique experience.


I felt like I was in the 70’s when stepping into the Mystic Hot Springs. They have accommodations for visitors wanting to stay the night or two including a nature bus, farm bus, and camp bus. There is a really hippie vibe to this location that you forget what decade you’re in. I would definitely come back again in the summer and check out a bus to have the full experience. Another perk is that they are open year round to get your soak on!

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