Traveling can be exhausting, overwhelming, and confusing at times, but now-a-days technology makes traveling much easier. Through out my travels I have found many apps useful for transportation, to restaurant reviews, and trip planners. On my phone there is a “Pack My Bags” folder where you will find the following apps.

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TRIPIT: Need help planning  your next trip? Well, this app is great for getting all the details from flights, car rentals, and hotel checkins. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to this app. In the past I created long detailed agendas with my travel information, but this app covers all of it.

GAS BUDDY: Everyone loves and needs cheap gas! This is great app to make your road trip more affordable by getting the cheapest gas in your location. If you report prices on gas you will have the chance to win free gas as well.

UBER: You don’t have a car and you need quick transportation? Uber, is a popular app that can provide rides. You simply request your ride, get a fare estimate and split the fare if you need to, and in the end rate your driver. Here is the list of cities that Uber provides service in.

ALL TRAILS: I love this app for all my hiking adventures. You create an account and where your current location is it will recommend hikes near the area. These hikes are recommended by other hikers who share their experience on the app. They contain photos, ratings, and directions.

YELP: This is probably one of my favorite apps to use even in my local city. I like to know what the best is from actual people. This app provides reviews for restaurants, shops, bars, and much more! You can also get directions and make reservations within the app.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and download these apps for your next travel adventure! If you have any apps that you use and think I should check out, please share on a comment!


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