Welcome to My Travel Mark

Hey! I’m Ana and I am the founder & traveler behind My Travel Mark. Whichever way you may have stumbled across this page, I am very greatful and excited to inspire you to travel. My story beings with not a lot of travel, in fact the first time I flew on an airplane was right after high school graduation. Then it grew into one trip a year then it grew into a couple trips a year! I am NOT a full time traveler by any means. I have a full time job which allows me to travel often and that’s perfect for my lifestyle right now. I created this little blog for people like me who want to be inspired to travel and have more adventures! You too can have a full time job and a life full of adventure. This is my travel mark. Ready to start your own?


Currently Loving: The Sun and Her Flowers, tomato basil soup, ice cream, my snuggie, my new camera, and Brian Perkins (boyfriend).