IMG_5704-1The best thing about traveling is all the tasty food you get to eat! Spain has flavor in every corner you turned into. If you want to try a little bit of everything you totally can because tapas offer small portions! Here are some of my favorite dishes that you must try!IMG_4295.jpegWhen we first arrived to Madrid we stopped at Mercado San Miguel and tried the famous Iberico Jamon. Wow, I’ve never had ham like this anywhere in the states. It takes years for the process of this ham to be made, but I promise you it’s worth the wait. You can eat by itself or in a sandwich with some cheese. IMG_4311.jpegSalmorejo is a cold tomato soup similar to Gazpacho but with a couple different ingredients such as the boiled eggs. Cordoba is the home of this iconic cold soup and is a favorite of many locals. Everyone said we had to try it and was so we did and we had no regrets! IMG_4317.jpegCalamari is in almost every restaurant menu in Spain. You can have it fried, grilled or even in a sandwich. Every region has its own recipe and different combinations of calamari so just as the locals and they will tell you their specialty. IMG_4423.jpegPaella is one of the most popular dishes of Spain. Its origin is from Valencia but you can try it anywhere in Spain. You can try different variations of different ingredients such as chicken, beef, fish, shrimp and clams. I would compare it to a stir fry but with a Spanish twist. It’s defiantly a must try if you are in Spain! IMG_4547.jpegClams with garlic and olive oil was recommended by a couple who was sitting next to us at Eslava, a restaurant in Seville. I had never tried clams before and I was always hesitant but I stepped out of my comfort zone and really enjoyed them! Sometimes you just have to trust the locals! IMG_4737Churros y Chocolate! This a signature treat of Spain that will have you craving in once you go home. The crispy churros and the thick warm chocolate make an excellent combination, especially in the winter. We had it at a couple different restaurants but one of our favorites was at the popular San Gines of Madrid.

Have you traveled to Spain before? What are some of your favorite foodie items? Please share because we all enjoy yummy food!

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