IMG_0279.jpegShave ice like never before, so sweet, so soft and so yummy! Hawaiian shave ice is a popular treat among locals and tourist. You can find little huts or food trucks that have a variety of flavors and toppings that will make you come back for some more! Seriously, I had at least one a day! Here were my frequent spots that I would recommend to grab some shave ice.


Located in the small town of Waimea you’ll find this shave ice hut along the popular street. You can grab one on your way up to Waimea Canyon or on your way down. They have popular combinations if you’re not sure what to order and you can even add ice cream to it.FullSizeRender.jpgONO ONO SHAVE ICE

This place is a little hidden and we just happened to stumble upon it and we had no regrets! It’s in Kappa and it’s one of the more cheaper ones but still so tasty. The lady let me try a couple of flavor before I ordered to make sure that I would love it.IMG_0953.jpegWAILUA SHAVE ICE

This was my favorite spot to grab shave ice! The flavors were so different and unique and you could defiantly share one. Some of the popular flavors included Lava Flow, Coconut Coconut Coconut and Love Potion No. 9. Their location is in Kappa next to a pizza food truck which was also yummy and affordable. You can grab dinner and dessert at the same time! FullSizeRender-1.jpgOTHER TO TRY:

  • Shave Ice Tege Tege
  • Hawaiian Blizzard
  • The Fresh Shave
  • Locococo Shave Ice

Is there other shave ice spots that you would recommend to try in Kauai or any where in the world? I know I would travel for some yummy shave ice!


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