IMG_5704-1The best thing about traveling is all the tasty food you get to eat! Spain has flavor in every corner you turned into. If you want to try a little bit of everything you totally can because tapas offer small portions! Here are some of my favorite dishes that you must try!IMG_4295.jpegWhen we first arrived to Madrid we stopped at Mercado San Miguel and tried the famous Iberico Jamon. Wow, I’ve never had ham like this anywhere in the states. It takes years for the process of this ham to be made, but I promise you it’s worth the wait. You can eat by itself or in a sandwich with some cheese. IMG_4311.jpegSalmorejo is a cold tomato soup similar to Gazpacho but with a couple different ingredients such as the boiled eggs. Cordoba is the home of this iconic cold soup and is a favorite of many locals. Everyone said we had to try it and was so we did and we had no regrets! IMG_4317.jpegCalamari is in almost every restaurant menu in Spain. You can have it fried, grilled or even in a sandwich. Every region has its own recipe and different combinations of calamari so just as the locals and they will tell you their specialty. IMG_4423.jpegPaella is one of the most popular dishes of Spain. Its origin is from Valencia but you can try it anywhere in Spain. You can try different variations of different ingredients such as chicken, beef, fish, shrimp and clams. I would compare it to a stir fry but with a Spanish twist. It’s defiantly a must try if you are in Spain! IMG_4547.jpegClams with garlic and olive oil was recommended by a couple who was sitting next to us at Eslava, a restaurant in Seville. I had never tried clams before and I was always hesitant but I stepped out of my comfort zone and really enjoyed them! Sometimes you just have to trust the locals! IMG_4737Churros y Chocolate! This a signature treat of Spain that will have you craving in once you go home. The crispy churros and the thick warm chocolate make an excellent combination, especially in the winter. We had it at a couple different restaurants but one of our favorites was at the popular San Gines of Madrid.

Have you traveled to Spain before? What are some of your favorite foodie items? Please share because we all enjoy yummy food!


Roadtripping IcelandOn the day that we planned to visit the glacier lagoon we woke up to the first snowfall. We knew it was going to be a cold and wet day but when in Iceland you just have to tough it out! There are 2 spots you need to check out that are right by each other, Diamond Beach and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Bellow you will find my collection of photos taken at this spectacular sight.

Diamond Beach

There are 2 sides of Diamond Beach and I would recommend going to both if you have time. You will walk along black sand and small glaciers that have made it to the shore, it’s unlike any beach you have ever seen! Once the sun comes out they will brighten up and look like diamonds hence the name. Even though it was snowing we still spent about 30 minutes just walking along the beach and discovering seals entering the lagoon. I would bring some binoculars to get a closer look! IMG_2741IMG_2800IMG_2823Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

We booked a tour with one of the companies and we went on a smaller boat on to the water. We got pretty close to the massive glaciers chunks that were glowing turquouis or with black streaks. The snow that was falling on this unbelievable sight made it feel like I was in snow globe. After the boat tour you can walk around a couple paths and take more pictures from different angels. You can see the glaciers move towards the ocean and shift and crackle to get out of the lagoon.IMG_2884IMG_2885IMG_2892If you are visiting Iceland it is essential that you visit this location not only because it’s home to Europe’s largest glacier but because it’s an experience of a lifetime. Nothing compares to it.

Photo Tip: If it is snowing or raining make sure you bring something to dry off your lens with. IMG_2700.jpeg


Roadtripping Iceland.pngOne of the top reasons I wanted to travel to Iceland was because of how many waterfalls there are. You’ll be driving down the road and see one then another and then another! It really is a waterfall chasers dream. Iceland has over 10,000 waterfalls that it’s hard to decide which ones to see because if you’re like me you want to see them all! Here are some of my favorites to help you narrow down your list.


I would recommend taking the stairs and climbing to the top of the waterfall and then following the path for a scenic hike. Then go back down and get close and personal with the waterfall. You will get mist sprayed on you but it will make you feel so alive and have the sense of pure joy. IMG_3147Seljalandsfoss

This is one of the must see waterfalls in southern Iceland it will literally blow you away. The wind was so powerful that you saw the waterfall falling towards one side more. You can follow the path and it will take you behind the waterfall but be aware you will get wet from the mist! IMG_3262Gljúfurárfoss

I had no previous knowledge about this waterfall so it was such a great surprise to encounter it! It’s located secretly to the path on the left of Seljalandsfoss. It’s just a couple minutes along the path and the crowds are close to nonexistent. Follow the shallow stream through the cracks of the earth and then just look up…it’s waiting for you. IMG_3219.jpegSvartifoss

This is one of the most iconic waterfalls in Iceland and now we know why, it’s breathtaking. Svartifoss is located in Vatnajökull National Park and the hike takes about 45 minutes. We went in the fall so we had beautiful bright colors all around the trail. IMG_2960.jpegGullfoss

This is a popular stop within the Golden Circle and you won’t be able to avoid the crowds but it’s still worth it to experience it yourself. There are two different view points (lower and upper level) that you can snap your photos from different angels. We were lucky and captured a rainbow! Can you see it in the photo bellow?IMG_3318.jpegÖxarárfoss

You might recognize this waterfall from the popular TV show Game of Thrones. It is located in Thingvellir National Park and is part of the Golden Circle. You can hike down from different parking lots so make sure you grab a map from the visitors center. IMG_3409The waterfall bellow is unknown to me we just saw it from the side of the road and decided to go chase it! Best decision ever. That’s the thing about Iceland you’ll see so many waterfalls and you’ll just have to decide if you want to chase it! Have you been to Iceland? What are your favorite waterfalls? IMG_2923.jpeg



Untitled Design.pngBefore going to Iceland I would recommend to plan out your trip and know what you want to see and do. Why? Because Iceland is so beautiful and there is numerous places to stop to visit. Be aware of the time frame you have, know how long the drive is and weather conditions! We went in late September early October and it was cold and windy but we still got some sun.


Day 1: Arrival 

We arrived to Iceland in the morning and rented our car through Hertz because it was a reasonable price with a well known company. I guess everyone had the same thought because the line took about an hour to get our car.

Tip: We did not rent a 4×4 car and we were fine just stay on the F- Roads.IMG_2697Day 2: Vestmannaeyjar Island

If you have time I would highly recommend visiting this island because it is a little less touristy. It’s a small village full of colorful houses and farmlands all around. There are two volcanoes you can hike and get an epic view of Eyjafjallajökull! If you go in the warmer months you can spot local Puffins.

Tip: Check the weather conditions because they will cancel if the waves are too high. IMG_2680Day 3: Hoffel

This was when we did the most driving because we went from the west to the south coast. Our ferry from Vestmannaeyjar Island was delayed a couple of hours because of wind conditions. We ended up driving into the night but that’s okay! We moved things around and we got to do everything we still wanted!

Tip: If unfortunately you have a delay or travel issues don’t freak out just try to solve the problem and still enjoy your time there!

Day 4: Jokulsarlon Glacier & Dimond Beach

We woke up the for first snow fall of the season and that was pure magic. We had booked a glacier tour were we got up close and personal to many glaciers and we also got to taste a part of one! On the other side of the road is Diamond Beach were parts of broken glaciers are heading out to the sea or washed out to the shore.IMG_2823.jpegDay 5: Svartifoss & Fjaðrárgljúfur

This waterfall is a fun hike to stretch out from all the driving! The hike is about 1.5 kilometers and you’ll see some smaller waterfalls along the trail. Next stop, Fjaðrárgljúfur the famous canyon from Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You” music video. Unfortunately, because of it’s popularity most of the viewing spots are closed now and you have to stick to a trail.IMG_2964Day 6: Solheimasandur Plane Wreck, Skógafoss & Seljavellir Geothermal Pool

In 1973 this plane ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing and thankfully everyone survived. Now many tourist make it a prime destination to visit. To get to the famous plane wreck you have to hike 4km from the main road. Don’t worry it’ not a hard hike it’s just a long hike.

Day 7: Seljalandsfoss & Golden Circle

If you go to Iceland and you only have a short amount of time, I would highly recommend driving the Golden Circle. There are different spots with unbelievable views not  far from each other. You will see waterfalls, hot springs, geyser and a crater all within the loop!IMG_3409.jpegDay 8 & 9: Reykjavik

We spent 2 days exploring this iconic city where you’ll find many museums, restaurants, swimming pools, shopping districts and a wild night life. We loved grabbing hot dogs from the famous Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur stand and then going to Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral for the highest viewing point of Reykjavik. IMG_3484Day 10: Blue Lagoon

The last day we wanted to just relax and enjoy the famous hot springs and that was the perfect way to end our adventure in Iceland. I would recommend just doing the basic price and going close to sunset.

Tip: Book your tickets at least 2 months in advance because they tend to sell out. IMG_3599.jpegMY ICELAND ROUTE

I laid out a map of the route we took while road tripping Iceland. You can always tailor it to what you want to see! What are you the most excited about seeing in Iceland? What are some of your favorite spots? Tell me more!


IMG_0279.jpegShave ice like never before, so sweet, so soft and so yummy! Hawaiian shave ice is a popular treat among locals and tourist. You can find little huts or food trucks that have a variety of flavors and toppings that will make you come back for some more! Seriously, I had at least one a day! Here were my frequent spots that I would recommend to grab some shave ice.


Located in the small town of Waimea you’ll find this shave ice hut along the popular street. You can grab one on your way up to Waimea Canyon or on your way down. They have popular combinations if you’re not sure what to order and you can even add ice cream to it.FullSizeRender.jpgONO ONO SHAVE ICE

This place is a little hidden and we just happened to stumble upon it and we had no regrets! It’s in Kappa and it’s one of the more cheaper ones but still so tasty. The lady let me try a couple of flavor before I ordered to make sure that I would love it.IMG_0953.jpegWAILUA SHAVE ICE

This was my favorite spot to grab shave ice! The flavors were so different and unique and you could defiantly share one. Some of the popular flavors included Lava Flow, Coconut Coconut Coconut and Love Potion No. 9. Their location is in Kappa next to a pizza food truck which was also yummy and affordable. You can grab dinner and dessert at the same time! FullSizeRender-1.jpgOTHER TO TRY:

  • Shave Ice Tege Tege
  • Hawaiian Blizzard
  • The Fresh Shave
  • Locococo Shave Ice

Is there other shave ice spots that you would recommend to try in Kauai or any where in the world? I know I would travel for some yummy shave ice!



5 favorite waterfalls in Kauai.pngThe Na Pali Coast is a wonder you must see at least once in your lifetime or 3 times. Because there are 3 ways to go about on seeing this remarkable coast and I’m sure I’ll go back to do the other 2!

  1. Backpack the Na Pali Coast via the Kalalau Trail
  2. Take a Helicopter ride to overlook the coast
  3. Sail around the coast (that’s what we did)

I wish I would have had enough time to do all the 3 options but there just wasn’t enough time. It’s okay because it’s a good excuse to come back! Sailing around the coast was truly breathtaking with sights of natural beauty all around. We spent half of a day along the coast where we got to go snorkeling and see spinner dolphins at the end of  our trip!

Have a look of this photo diary that tries to capture the beauty we were surrounded with.






Have you been to the Na Pali Coast? If so, did you do it by foot, air or sea? Let us know!


IMG_1264.jpegLocated in the small town of Kanarraville, UT there is hidden treasure of a hike. The mini slot canyon will take you to 2 waterfalls with unbelievable sights. This is a great hike to add to your road trip when traveling through Utah.

PERMITS & FEES: 8 dollars per person, more info can be found here.

LENGTH: 3.8 Miles Round Trip

*Make sure to check weather conditions before your hike for any flash flood warnings.



IMG_1249.jpegThere is a fun natural water slide where kids and even adults slide down. It doesn’t look much like a slide but I promise you it is. When we were there kids were lining up to have their turn for a splash.

IMG_1208.jpegWe added this adventure on our way from Salt Lake City to St. George. We needed a little stretch from our long journey and decided to add this to our schedule. It was perfect because we did it during a weekday so there was no crowds! Warning I’ve heard multiple comments that weekends are awful just because of the crowds.

You will be hiking through water for at least half of the hike so I would highly recommend taking water shoes, such as Chacos. At the beginning of the trail there is no shade and is extremely hot remember to pack enough water and wear sunscreen.IMG_1230.jpegIf you get the chance to visit Southern Utah, I hope you take a moment to take this adventure. Have you been to Kanarraville in the past or are planning a trip there soon? Tell me in the comments bellow!


5 favorite waterfalls in Kauai-1If you love waterfalls you have to get on an airplane and get your loving waterfall soul to Kauai! Seriously, so many waterfalls to take your breath away. I’ve made it a little easier for you and listed some of the most stunning waterfalls to visit on your adventure. IMG_0265.jpegOPAEKA’A FALLS

Imagine you are just driving down the road you look out the window and this is what you see! Ahhh, what a sight to remember. Located along Route 580, this double falls is 151 feet tall and can’t be missed. I couldn’t find any information about hiking down so we just saw it from above. If you have any info about possible hiking let us know!IMG_0858.jpegWAIPOO FALLS

Located in the middle of Waimean Canyon you will find this gem. There are many lookout points to capture this sight. The hike to this falls is 4 miles round trip and considered moderate. Unfortunately, we didn’t know you could actually hike it so we missed out. But, if you want to know more about the actual hike to go All Trails for more information. FullSizeRender.jpgWAILUA FALLS

This waterfall is a fantasy and no wonder it was used for the TV show Fantasy Island! There is a great and safe overlook to see the waterfall right by the road. There are 2 hiking trails that lead to the bottom of the falls but are not recommend. We were rebels and we went for it! It was a steep short way down that had ropes to help you out. I would recommend it, but that’s just me! IMG_0487.jpegNA PALI COAST

If you decide to book a boat trip along the Na Pali Coast you well find so many waterfalls along the coast. These waterfalls range from all sizes and go straight into the ocean! Our guide would take us under some falls to freshen up from the hot day. Attachment-1.jpegRED DIRT WATEFALL

This is definitely the most different and unique falls in Kauai. On the way up to Waimean Canyon you’ll find these falls to your left. It feels and looks like you could possible be in Mars because off the red sand. This stunning fall is a true eye catcher and defiantly worth the stop.


IMG_0272.jpegThe beach is my happy place and the worries of life just seem to vanish once I am there. I could easily listen to the sound of the waves for a few hours and just soak up the sun. I fell in love with the beaches of Kauai through my screen and just had to make it there and I hope you can make it there too! Here are some of my personal favorite beaches in Kauai.


Shhh it’s a secret but this was the best beach in the island! Located in the East side you’ll find this secret gem of a beach. There is about a 10 minute steep hike to get down to this beach but it’s worth it! You’ll find great waves to surf or boogie board in, beautiful views of the light house and no crowds


This is a popular beach for its cliff jumping and surfing the waves! There are many shady trees you can hang hammocks in and there is also a beautiful hike along the coast to explore. This beach is located on the South side by the Grand Hyatt and parking can be difficult because of its popularity.


This is the most famous beach in Kauai and you have probably seen this in many publications. I would recommend going for the experience and crossing this beautiful beach of your list. The great thing about this beach is that there are many amenities such as picnic tables, bathrooms, and shops. We brought our boogie boards and attempted to catch some waves.

KILAUEA BEACHFullSizeRender.jpeg

This beach is located between a residential community and parking can be very difficult. This beach is literally the backyard to some of these homes so you’ll find many locals at this beach. My favorite part of this beach is the swing I found along the beach! It was simply perfect.


Nope there are no Donkeys here and hardly any crowds! It is about a 15 minute walk to get down to the beach from the parking lot. It’s a calmer beach that you can snorkel and catch some easy waves. There are bathrooms and showers located in the parking lot to freshen up.

Have you been to Kauai? What were your favorite beaches on the island? I need more recommendations for the future!


5 favorite waterfalls in Kauai-4.png


After doing some research I was positive that I wanted to visit this place, no matter what. Every picture that I saw made me fall in love with this location, it just looked so unreal. I will admit that I am not the best swimmer, so naturally, I was terrified especially with all the warnings about it. I decided to be brave and cross this off my bucket list!

Before you go make sure the conditions are just right and that the tide is not high! The trail is located in Princeville and parking is very limited that you might  have to wait a couple minutes to grab a spot (we waited 20 minutes). The trail is very muddy and slippery so make sure you have the proper footwear. No flip flops! It’s a short and steep hike that takes about 25 minutes. Before reaching the bottom you will pass a stream and a waterfall to freshen up in. When you finally arrive the view will be breathtaking! You can jump into the pool and swim for a couple minutes, at times there will be a few waves that come along just an FYI.